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Single 1/2 inch letters – Black

Single 1/2 inch letters – Black$.75

Hand cast fused glass letters!!!! Order single letters here, approx 1/2 inch tall.

Mini Dots in Many Colors

Mini Dots in Many Colors$3.50

These dots are hand cut and fused, approximately 1/4 in diameter, 50-60 pieces in each container.

Fused Glass Letters – 1/2 inch tall

Fused Glass Letters – 1/2 inch tall$14

Now you can add words to your art!!!  These letters are approximately 1/2 inch tall, available in black. Available in whole alphabet sets.

Fused Glass Color Swirls – CS40

Fused Glass Color Swirls – CS40$8

Yellow lime and white glass in this mixture, you will receive 2 ounces of these fusions.

Fused Glass Color Swirls – CS45

Fused Glass Color Swirls – CS45$8

Adventurine green in these swirls add shimmer and glitter to these fused glass swirls of color.  2 ounces of glass in this color mix.

Fused Glass Color Swirls – CS42

Fused Glass Color Swirls – CS42$8

Mixed some of the cool colors to create these swirls… Blues, whites with a dash of yellow.  You will receive 2 ounces of this mix.

Fused Glass Color Swirls CS44

Fused Glass Color Swirls CS44$8

These pieces are a great mix of yellow, white, black and blue.  You will receive 2 oz of the color mix pictured here.

Large Mixed Bags

Large Mixed Bags$22

These assortments include color swirls, frit fusions, dichroic glass, mini dots and melted millefiore in lots of color combinations.  Guaranteed to please, more than 6 oz of beautiful fused pieces

Large Fused Glass Lips

Large Fused Glass Lips$10

Nice addition to your mosaic or mixed media art.  These fused glass lips are approximately 3 inches long.  More colors available soon…

Fused Glass Lips

Fused Glass Lips$3.50

These gorgeous lips are currently available in orange, red and black.  New colors will be added soon.  These are approximately 1 inch long and will be a cool addition to your mosaic or mixed media art work.