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Various assortments for inclusions for your Mosaic art. All of these are hand cut and fused at Bonin Glass Designs…

Matching Results: Mixed Bag – Assortment of colorful pieces

Hot Mix – Reds/Yellow/Orange Mini Fused Dots

Hot Mix – Reds/Yellow/Orange Mini Fused Dots$13.00

These fused red, yellow and orange mini dots are approximately 1/4 inch in size, some bigger and some smaller.  Approximately 200 pieces, guaranteed to add spicy colors to your art work.

Large Mixed Bags

Large Mixed Bags$22

These assortments include color swirls, frit fusions, dichroic glass, mini dots and melted millefiore in lots of color combinations.  Guaranteed to please, more than 6 oz of beautiful fused pieces

Mixed Bag – Assorted Glass Fusions

Mixed Bag – Assorted Glass Fusions$13.00

Wide assortment of colorful fusions, some dichroic.  Guaranteed to add pop to your mosaic or mixed media art.  Approximately 2.2 – 2.5 ounces of fusions depending on contents.