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Larger pieces of fused iridescent glass are available here at Bonin Glass Designs. Colors range from blue, purple, greens, golds and reds depending on the variation in hue of the glass.

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3/4 Inch Fired Iridescent Glass Tiles

3/4 Inch Fired Iridescent Glass Tiles$13

Delicious – these tiles look very much like dichroic glass.  Firing this iridescent glass rounds off the edges and brings out the deep rich blues, purples and golds in this lovely glass.   50 pieces per package…

Iridescent Fused Glass 6X6 Inch

Iridescent Fused Glass 6X6 Inch$11.00

Beautiful variety of rich colors in these 6X6 pieces of Fused Iridescent glass.  Color range dramatically from purples to blue to greens and gold…..  Tiles pictured are samples.



A wide assortment of cool fused iridescent glass offcuts from my stash.  You will receive a 5 ounce package, about 5 square inches of glass.  Three package styles are available:  Rectangular and square pieces, 1/4 inch strips (approximately 3-5 inches long) or a variety package.  Each package will contain both textured and smooth glass.