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From Bonin Glass Designs studio here in Richmond Texas… I have kiln fired these millefiore to soften the edges and make them really shine. Bottoms are totally flat so no more rocking on your substrate. Gorgeous mixture of both opaque and transparent millefiore in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes.

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Jumbo Mille Melts

Jumbo Mille Melts$19

These are delicious gorgeous glossy Millefiore Melts. Sizes range from 3/4 to over 1&1/4 inch.  Both opaque and transparent in these 2 ounce packages.   Approximately 7-9 pieces per 2 ounce package.

Mixed Mille Melts

Mixed Mille Melts$9.00

Beautiful assortment of the smaller sized melted millefiore, guaranteed to please.  Sizes in this mix range from 1/4 to  1 inch in diameter, approximately 50 pieces or more in an ounce depending on size.  Price is per ounce.